2023 Global Human Engagement Conference

‘Engagement for Future:
Learning & People Analytics’


2023 Global Human Engagement Conference ‘Engagement for Future: Learning & People Analytics’
Entering the 21st century, the world is on a path it has never experienced before. In particular, the past few years may have been the most turbulent time in the history of education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Paradoxically, these crisis can be the driving force for creating a better future. From the vision and goals of education to the system, discussions are continuing to design a new form of education.

“Global Human Engagement Conference” is an annual conference where world-renowned scholars share their research knowledge and ideas on artificial intelligence and engagement and map out the directions for future that schools and industries should take in the age of artificial intelligence. Our theme this year is “Engagement for future: learning & people analytics”. The conference focuses on the meaning and value of engagement, engagement intervention and data-driven ways to improve student & employee engagement.

Department of education at Chung-Ang University launched its BK21 FOUR research team in September 2020, with the agenda of “Engagement education” innovation for solving inclusive society problems.
BK21 FOUR(Brain Korea 21 Program for Fostering Outstanding Universities for Research) is funded by the Ministry of Education(MOE, Korea) and National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF). We cordially ask for your participation in our conference!
Hae-Deok Song
Professor, Department of Education
Director, BK21 FOUR Research and Education Team
Director, Human Engagement Institute
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea